Motion Archive® vol.001 69th Sumo Grand Champion ‘Yokozuna’ Hakuho × Kotoshogiku | Gen8 -GENERATE-

As part of a project to archive the physical achievements of 69th Sumo Grand Champion ‘Yokozuna’ Hakuho, Gen 8 has come up with the concept of ‘Motion Archive®’.

Recreating a sumo arena with more than 8 tonnes of sand in the studio, we recorded the Yokozuna wrestle with his counterpart Kotoshogiku to capture the athlete’s precise movements. The data

was then analyzed and archived in a VR device as a 3DCG, allowing the viewers to bear witness to the athlete in action from never-before-seen angles.

The making of Motion Archive was aired on TBS program ‘Sumo Document: The Legacy of Hakuho’ on 26th of February.

‘Motion Archive®’ aims to capture and record people at their best physical condition for the future.

Athletes and artists have always been recorded using the newest visual technology available. ‘Motion Archive®’ uses the latest 3D technology to record, analyze and archive physical movements.

Athletes or performers’ movements are recorded (motion capture), then the body of the performer will be scanned in 3D to create a 3D CG. Using a VR device for preview, we are able to see precision in the movements, not possible with 2D technology.

The 3D data is archived so that it can be applicable to the latest technology in the future.